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Top 3 Wedding Flowers Cost Saving Tips

  • 1. Choose in-season flowers and monochromatic color palettes

    In-season flowers will always be less expensive as their flower prices reflect the growing conditions and expenses required to produce them. When choosing a wedding date, do some research on what flowers will be in season at that time. Also, work with a color scheme that requires few variations in flower type. Monochromatic color palettes are affordable and chic.

  • 2. Opt to have a small, intimate wedding instead or arrange your own wedding flowers

    Fewer attendants = lower costs. Having a smaller bridal party can save you lots of money in the same way a smaller guest list can. Each bridesmaid or groomsman adds an extra bouquet or boutonniere. Also, if you can arrange your wedding flowers yourself, you're going to automatically cut out the cost of hiring a professional florist or floral designer.

  • 3. Choose cost-effective cut flower stems

    Avoid expensive flowers such as garden roses and peonies. Cut flower stems such as these have a higher price tag because there are fewer wholesalers and growers that carry them, so there is less competition compared to standard roses and locally grown flowers. Consider double flowering tulips, carnations, and of course, standard roses.

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Wedding Party Flower Boxes

Our wedding party flower boxes are designed for small,
intimate weddings. Boxes include the bride's bouquet and groom boutonniere, five (5) bridesmaids bouquets, five (5) boutonnieres, four (4) corsages, four (4) additional boutonnieres., and a toss bouquet. Choose from one of our premade designs.

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